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March 31 2010



OHANDA is an initiative to foster sustainable sharing of open hardware and design. It was first drafted at the GOSH!-Grounding Open Source Hardware summit at the Banff Centre in July 2009 and one of the first goals of the project is to build a service for sharing open hardware designs which includes a certification model and a registra- tion. OHANDA is in process. The process is open.

March 30 2010

March 26 2010

March 25 2010

March 16 2010

February 17 2010

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“Cinderella’s Chair”, Anna Ter Haar.
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The Cipher Drinking Glasses were designed by Damjan Stankovic. The glasses are a brilliant concept. The Cipher Drinking Glasses have a multitude of brightly colored dots that will form into a pattern that spells out a word depending what the drink is.
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February 16 2010

February 04 2010

Designed by the Italian architect Carlo Colombo, CUNA bathtub for Antonio Lupi
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June 18 2009

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April 27 2009

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Unzip to use. Zip up to stay tangle free. The Y.I Earphones concept by Ji Woong.
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April 20 2009

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April 17 2009

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March 30 2009

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